Price list
- consultation  1–1.5 hour (homeopathy and kinesiology) CZK 1,500
                          2–2.5 hours (homeopathy, kinesiology and craniosacral therapy) CZK 2,500

- acupuncture and craniosacral therapy (approx. 1 hour) CZK 1,000
  when paying for 6 hours of acupuncture or craniosacral therapy in advance to my account the price is CZK 5,000
  (the sixth session is free of charge)

In case of advance payment to my account I provide 10 percent discount
If the therapy lasts longer by more than 25 minutes, I will ask you to make an additional payment in cash on the spot.

Online therapy: Homeopathic interview via Skype 1–1.5 hour CZK 1,350 (payment in advance to my account)

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