About me
1988 – graduation from the Faculty of Medicine and Hygiene of Charles University in Prague
1988–1991 – physician in Jablonec n. N., preparation for postgraduate certification (credentialing)
1991 – postgraduate certification in general medicine
1991–1994 – maternity leave, during which I studied acupuncture
1995 – final exam in acupuncture and obtaining a diploma
1994–1998 – working as a general practitioner in Nelahozeves, where I was also practising acupuncture since 1995
1998 – I start studying homeopathy
1998–2002 – private medical practice in Roztoky u Prahy with a focus on acupuncture and homeopathy
2002 – completion of a three-year homeopathy course for medical doctors and obtaining a certificate
2002–2007 – general practitioner in Roztoky (part-time employee) and private practice (acupuncture and homeopathy)
2007–2009 – private practice (acupuncture and homeopathy, as a self-employed practitioner) in Roztoky
2008–2010 – personal development courses "Discover your goal" led by Zdeňka Jordánová
2009–2010 – I expand my practice to incorporate kinesiology and I also practise in Prague in Vyšezdraví
2011 – personal development consultancy "The Path to Freedom" in Prague
2012 – Vedic meditation course with Tim Mitchell
2013 – meeting Naropa
2019 – craniosacral therapy courses (Zdeňka Amarhea Ocelíková)
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MUDr. Kateřina Drábková

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