A healing method founded by Samuel Hahnemann in the 18th century. It is based on the Similia similibus curantur principle – like cures like. By administering the right homeopathic medicine, healing processes are started in the body.

In the past few years, I have been relying mostly on the Inspiring Homeopathy approach in my practice.


Dutch homeopath Dr. Tinus Smits found that different aspects of the human being constitute individual levels and can be treated one by one. At the individual level, everyone needs their individual (constitutional) medicine, but at the universal level, it is possible to use only a few medicines.

There are seven universal levels:
1. lack of self-confidence
2. emotional problems
3. problems with incarnation
4. insufficient boundaries
5. old traumas
6. the problem of guilt
7. the problem of duality

Tinus Smits called this healing method Inspirational Homeopathy for several reasons. Inspirational comes from the Greek word for spiral – we can understand it as an expression of the process of the spiral penetrating into its own centre, to its Self, to its soul. Inspirational also means breathing in and thus reminds us of the first act in our physical life that we must perform after our birth, which is both an act of accepting our physical state and confirming our willingness to learn in this world through experience. Inspirational also means endowed with the inner Self and connected with the universe, in harmony with the whole.

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