Craniosacral therapy (CST)
Craniosacral therapy (cranium – skull, sacrum – sacrum)

CST is an autoregulatory, regenerative and relaxing massage.

It is based on the circulation of cerebrospinal fluid, the pulsation of which can be diagnosed anywhere on the body.

It is used to remove physical and mental blocks.

It has a very wide range of application. It helps especially with persistent pain after injuries, after operations, with frequent headaches or migraines, slipped discs, persistent pain after shingles, after a difficult childbirth, with problems with the jaw joint. It is also suitable for people suffering from fatigue syndrome and various mental problems.

Practical information:

The client lies down on his/her back on a massage table and the therapist gently touches him/her on different parts of the body. The massage lasts about one hour.
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